Gambling With Weight Loss Products

Gambling With Weight Loss Products

Literally thousands of weight loss products must be on the market today, each with its own distinct look as well as how they seem to operate too. Some of these will be legitimate offerings that can truly aid in your weight loss quest while others are carefully disguised cons with the sole purpose of taking your money.

How do you know which weight loss products are truly capable of aiding your quest to lose weight? You have to learn to read between the lines and recognize certain key buzzwords, testimonials and claims about the product’s effectiveness. When you see phrases like “ancient weight loss secret revealed” or “lose weight without diet or exercise,” you should know that any weight loss products associated with these claims are bogus.

The World of Dietary Supplements

Weight loss products in supplement form are just one of many types you can look forward to weeding through in your quest to lose weight. Many of these supplements, while not harmful, have no beneficial qualities and the effects are similar to a placebo. And because dietary supplements are not closely governed by the FDA, you have to be especially careful and read the ingredients labels to avoid harmful ingredients such as ephedra.

While most testing trials on dietary supplements are rather inconclusive, there are a few of them with certain ingredients that have shown promising results in some people. For instance, Hoodia has become a huge marketing phenomenon as it is supposed to decrease appetite. Chitosan and chromium are two other ingredients that can also help with preventing the absorption of fat as well as boosting metabolism.

Prepackaged Foods

Another part of the weight loss products chain is pre-packaged diet plan foods like Weight Watchers, Slim Fast and more. Many people don’t like to plan ahead for meals and what they can and cannot eat so they turn to prepackaged food weight loss products to take out the guesswork. There are the diet shakes you drink twice a day along with a nice low fat meal for the evening time. Prepackaged frozen dinners and snacks already come in proper portions for a serving which of course, provides an easy way of tracking what you eat.

Exercise Equipment

Part of every weight loss goal should be exercise and every infomercial watcher knows there is a new exercise gadget introduced virtually every day. Remember the Thighmaster or the boots that make you hang upside down during those late night weight loss products promotions? These were not quite the best things for losing weight but who really knew as these types of weight loss products are not regulated.

Basically, it is all a matter of common sense when it comes to weeding through the weight loss products available on the market today. While you may be desperate and ripe for believing the sincere claims that some of these products tout, you have to be strong and tell yourself that if all those positive, winning claims were true, there would be a lot of thinner people around these days!

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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