Fast Food Nutrition--Fact or Fantasy?

Fast Food Nutrition--Fact or Fantasy?

Fast food is one of the main food sources these days, especially to those living in cities leading busy lives. Every morning before you get to work, you just drop by the “drive-thru” and get yourself breakfast. This is a daily start up for hundreds or even thousands of people every day in a city, and around the country there are tens and hundreds of thousands of people doing this. But not many people really know what is contained in the food that they eat?

Some fast food chains promote their products by saying that their food products are helpful in weight loss. This can be true in certain cases, while not in many others. Fast food outlets such as Arby's, Blimpie, Burger King, Domino's, Hardee's, KFC, McDonalds, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy's, and so many others have nutritional information booklets given online and at the restaurants, which spell out the ingredients and calories of each menu item they provide.

Nutritious for Kids

The best part about fast food nutrition then is that most of the people are aware or can easily get access to the nutritional facts of these fast foods. It is up to parents to then make wise choices and choose apple slices or mandarin oranges as sides as compared to fries and opting for milk instead of soda.

The best way to make sure everything is in order is by watching calories. When you are super-sizing your orders, or simply order a larger size, you will be deliberately making that fast food not nutritious for you. Always watch your portion sizes and understand how many calories and how much fat is added to that meal upgrade. Usually the large size foods will have a lower level of fat by ratio compared to the medium ones, but still in the long run, this is very dangerous. Just imagine every weekend if your child eats an upsized ‘happy meal’, how many calories or grams of fat are being pumped in to his body every week? Fast food nutrition should also be a very huge concern if your child is not very active in school or extra curricular activities.

Nutritious for You

It is true that fast food and nutrition are a dangerous combination if you fall for marketing gimmicks like buy one get one free etc. If you eat something so high in calories today, you have a small window to burn them off, or else you might end up in trouble. Unlike children, fatty acids last longer in an adult body, and it accumulates as you buy breakfast everyday before going to work. Kick the habit by carving out a few extra minutes at each meal time to have a healthy home cooked meal and leave fast food, however nutritious it claims to be, for an occasional treat.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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