Impact of Contemporary Nutrition Styles

Impact of Contemporary Nutrition Styles

Contemporary nutrition styles have profoundly affected our overall fitness and the strength of our immune systems.

Day by day your lifestyle gets busier, and very often you don’t even have time to enjoy your meals. Unlike previous generations, people nowadays do not cook at home every day. The food that is eaten at home is also often take-out or delivery, canned or pre-packaged which just needs to be zapped in the microwave. Indeed contemporary nutrition is far different from the meals our fathers and forefathers ate.

Many people simply eat any type of food that they think is suitable based on taste alone rather than eating what food is actually needed for their age and weight. This eventually leads to various problems as they age, for the body would accumulate the lack of the specific nutrients, and at one point reaching a stage where your body will retaliate against your own will of freely eating anything you want. Contemporary nutrition has indeed changed eating habits drastically. What used to be a sit-down family activity is now breezing past a drive-thru.

There are also certain other groups of people which purposely lead a lifestyle of contemporary nutrition, in which they are able to make a choice of the way they eat. This would include vegetarians, organic-food enthusiasts, health-concerned extremists and others.

Vegetarians and Vegans

This is a group of people which limit their nutrition intake due to reasons of health and religion. Their contemporary nutrition actually is not so contemporary if you were to follow the idea of being vegetarian, which has existed since time immemorial. They basically choose to forgo foods from animal sources such as meat, eggs, milk and so on. From one perspective this is good, because you are living a fat-free life, but as a whole this is not so good on the long run, especially if you are living and working in urban areas. This contemporary nutrition simply does not have much protein and nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which is essential for healthy growth.

Genetically Modified Food

This is another form of contemporary nutrition, although most of the countries around the world are against this specific type of food, which are genetically produced or manufactured. Also known as Genetically Modified or GM foods, this industrial farming and mass production of foods had indeed led to many controversies in the common contemporary nutrition and dietary practice these days. And this has lead people to shift from the tradition food pyramid to their own individual versions instead.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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