Nutrition Facts Revealed

Nutrition Facts Revealed

In this article, we discuss and de-mystify some nutrition facts. Research continues to reveal new findings about our foods and food supplements.

As time changes, commonly known nutrition facts change too. What may have once been perceived a very unhealthy food (such as chocolate) can now be proven in scientific studies to be an antioxidant if consumed in the dark form. Long gone are those days where food was eaten without much thought put into it. People used to eat to live and now it has become quite the opposite!

Half Cooked and the Truth Behind it

It may be true that half cooked food contains more nutrients than fully cooked food. It is basically raw food, just heated up to kill the bacteria so that it becomes edible. But the nutrition fact behind this food is sometimes misleading. Only certain food types are edible when they are half cooked, and not all. Some of the clear examples of food which are not so suitable for half cooking eating would be poultry and sea food. Common foods which are allowed would be colored vegetables, beef, egg, and others.

The nutrition fact behind this concept of half cooking is not to kill the nutrients. Most people believe that if the food is fully cooked, the nutrients will be missing, leaving the food with nothing of value. But this fact can be misleading most of the time for this only happens in certain type of soft foods such as vegetables.

Vitamins, Protein and Calcium

As we know, it is a universal nutrition fact that every food that we eat should contain at least the minimum amounts of vitamins, protein, and calcium. This nutrition fact is really a fact and is not an old wives tale. We indeed must eat foods containing each of these nutrients, at least once a day. As we know, protein is helpful in mass building in our body; calcium helps in bone building, and vitamins aid in immune system building. All these nutrition elements are necessary and needed in our body everyday to keep us moving in our daily activities such as work, school, and so on.

But one nutrition fact that many people do not know is that these nutrients come with a limitation as well. Certain vitamins such Vitamin C and E can not be taken in more than the required amount, or else can lead to serious problems which include cancer. Protein can not be taken too much as well. It is a common nutrition fact that the more protein you take, the healthier you will look, but this is wrong. Excessive protein in the body, which can not be digested, can lead to certain skin diseases such psoriasis.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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