Nutrition and Diet Therapy Leads to General Well Being

Nutrition and Diet Therapy Leads to General Well Being

To enjoy a good life, one would need to take care of one’s health and learn about good nutrition and diet therapy. This includes consuming diets high in nutrients and, knowing all about which types of food to include and, which to avoid. There are a number of different methods that one can employ as well as understand nutrition and diet therapy.

The Nutrition and diet therapy Department at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital will give a comprehensive dietetic service to all concerned. This department aims at making available excellence of service towards promoting, maintaining as well as improving nutritional status of patients at this hospital.

A New Way of Doing Things

Nutrition and diet therapy is an amazingly new complementary way of doing things that makes a person feel much better and, also helps ease the pain, make a person feel healthier and, lose weight while looking younger. All it takes is to improve the nutrition and enjoy a better diet. Inner health is very important, especially since 95 per cent of life threatening diseases is caused by what happens inside the body and, ignoring symptoms will allow the problem to increase and, in the worse case, make treatment difficult or impossible.

What a person eats is the starting point and, eating foods saturated in fats as a basic diet will lead to becoming unhealthy as well as overweight and feeling unwell. Nutrition and diet therapy will help students in health care and food service programs and, a course on this subject will help educate and teach fundamentals pertaining to nutrition, and maintaining better health.

Five Phases Therapy

Five Phases is a nutrition and diet therapy process that place emphasis on flavors associated with different phases. According to this means of nutrition and diet therapy, it will help to remedy imbalances in diet through the addition of counterbalancing flavors with each one having special powers to restore the diet imbalances.

Wood is associative of sourness, which is astringent and gathering. Taking a diet with excessive sourness will weaken the spleen and, may cause injuries to the muscles which may be counteracted with the addition of metal-pungent foods. Also, fire is also associative with bitter, which is drying and strengthening. Any diet containing an excess of bitter will give spleen energy dryness, cause congestion of stomach energy and, wither the skin. To counterbalance it, according to nutrition and diet therapy such as Five Phases, one can consume more salty foods.

Sweet is associated with earth and, sweet can be both harmonizing as well as retarding and, eating too much of sweet will result in achy bones, unbalanced kidneys as well as full heart energy and, loss of hair. To counteract these unwanted effects, one can eat sour foods. These are some of the ways that nutrition and diet therapy may be used in conjunction to improve the general well being and health of a person.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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