The Importance of Parental Nutrition Knowledge

The Importance of Parental Nutrition Knowledge

A famous saying goes ‘The splinter does not jump far from the tree’, which basically means, what you learn and see at home is what is going to guide you for what is the most important part of your life. Childhood and adolescence is the time when one gets shaped into who he or she will turn out to be later in life therefore, shaping good habits such as healthy living styles is up to the parents.

Eating Right and Exercising

Parental nutrition knowledge should include the essentials of feeding a child a balanced diet and teaching him or her everyday what nutrients are good and what they contribute to in your body. Thus you are giving your child a reason to eat healthy and not just force him or her to eat with the eternal saying ‘Eat because it is good for your health and/or because I say so’.

Parental nutrition knowledge will not only help the parent prepare and feed the child right but also give the child helpful information for the future such as, why is breakfast important and why you should watch what type of fast food you are eating. Explain that if what they are eating contains saturated and/or trans fat, it could clog arteries and cause serious diseases.

When parents educate themselves about balanced diets, right nutrition and what type of exercise would be best for their child at what age, they will be able to pass on that knowledge and thus, give a reason to the child to want to be healthy and fit. This is because, usually when parents force kids to eat something because they say it healthy, the children develop a hate for that food and stop eating it altogether or make it a point to eat more fast food to make up for it.

Tell Your Child Facts

Parental nutrition information is important because only if the parents are equipped with the answers can they encourage their kids to ask questions. They are the first teachers of a child and they need to keep in mind the right diet for their child according to his or her weight and height. In order to get the right weight and always maintain it; teach your older child how to calculate his or her body mass index and with your parental nutrition information teach your child to eat right always.

Many parents enjoy cooking and watching their child eat those dishes. While that is understandable, your child will suffer in the future not only from lack of confidence due to overweight issues but also with serious health problems. Remember it is always easier to put on weight than lose it.

Therefore, ensure you get the essential parental nutrition information through books or the internet in order to be able to guide your child in understanding balanced diet and exercise and how they are going to ensure a happy, healthy and long life.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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