Pros and Cons of Liquid Vitamin Supplements

Pros and Cons of Liquid Vitamin Supplements

As technology and refining processes advance and move forward, so is the vitamin industry. This is especially true in the body building and health industry. One of the latest advancements has been the way in which liquid vitamin supplements are processed.

But do liquid vitamin supplements really do everything they are claimed to do?

How much of it is hype and craze for this popular form of vitamins?

Let us explain the methodology of liquid vitamin supplements and hopefully you will be able to decide if they are right for you, or if your trusty old multi-vitamin will do.

Liquid vitamin supplements

The first advantage of liquid vitamin supplements has to be the ease at which they can be taken. Some people have issues swallowing large tablets and vitamins; in this case a liquid vitamin supplement is the solution. Also there are even flavored versions starting to come out so that liquid vitamin supplements are actually pleasant to take.

Another advantage of the liquid vitamin supplements is that they are absorbed easier from the body than the pills. The reason for this is that the vitamins don't need to be broken down to be absorbed. They are taken up directly through the digestive process.

One major draw back with liquid vitamins is that up to 90% of the actual vitamins can be destroyed in the stomach. You see with vitamin supplement pills they have a protective coating that lets them enter the intestines where they are absorbed.

Liquid vitamin supplements don't have this and you can end up significantly wasting your vitamin intake.

Effervescent tablets

These vitamins are in the form of tablets. But in order to drink them you need to put the vitamins in a cup of water. Usually, these vitamins have different flavors can actually be a pleasure to drink. Still there are many contradictory opinions about whether they are effective or not due to the initial issues raised above.

Some products actually work perfectly fine like this (think energy drinks and caffeine related drinks) as they work through a different body function. But for normal macro nutrients and vitamins the stomach will destroy most of it.

Personally I will continue to take vitamin supplements in pill format as it is a tried and tested method. I don't fancy risking my bodies' vitamin intake for a "new method" that may or may not work.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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