The Truth About Inosine and Vitamin Supplements

The Truth About Inosine and Vitamin Supplements

Inosine is a nucleoside. Inosine and vitamin supplements help because they enhance your bodies functions and bring them up to optimum levels. Particularly Inosine helps because it can have a positive effect on your endurance and power. It basically helps with the transportation of oxygen around the body, thereby stimulating the heart and the rest of the body making it more efficient.

While you can get Inosine through brewer's yeast and a few of the specific 'organ' meats, it would be a better idea to supplement it from an external source (vitamins etc.). I can think of nothing worse then eating my fair share of brewer's yeast -- no thanks.

Most sports people prefer to take inosine and vitamin supplements together. Why? It's simple, vitamins help the bodies functions, energy production and efficiency. So a combination of Inosine and vitamins supplements is the best road to take. Rather then taking just one or 2 supplements by themselves, find out what you need, and what you are deficient in, consult your health care professional, and get started.

Some people say that Inosine and vitamin supplements are a waste of time, but to be honest I know which side I'd rather be on, and for few dollars a day, I'd much prefer to be on the side that takes vitamin supplements as a precaution.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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