When to Use Iron Vitamin Supplements

When to Use Iron Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are important elements for every vital organ in our body. We usually get them from the food we eat but sometimes they are not enough, so we need to supplement them with quality vitamins.

An iron vitamin supplement is one of the bodies fundamental vitamins and vitally important, even more so in women. It is available from plants, walnuts, grains, animal products, red meat, liver and eggs. The human body absorbs iron from the last four sources most easily.

Some of the warning signs that you may be low on iron and need to use an iron vitamin supplement are as follows.

  • Dizzy spells
  • Head rushes and "white dots" in your vision when you stand up quickly.
  • You feel weak and faint
  • Headaches more then usual

The above are only some of the warning signs and you should always see your doctor if you are having these symptoms.

The following people have additional iron needs:

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women use iron at a much higher rate and may need iron vitamin supplements. The reason for this is that Iron is a component of the hemoglobin of the erythrocytes that provide oxygen to all cells in the body. During the pregnancy the quantity of the erythrocytes is higher because of the increased need of oxygen and respectively the need of iron increases.

The other time when women lose lots of iron is during their monthly period. But it is not so bad, because this loss is compensated by the process called resorption.

Babies and Children

Babies and children are growing fast and there is increase in their blood volume that is why they need a lot of iron and possibly an iron vitamin supplement in their daily intake. They can be supplied with enough iron if they eat a wide variety of fruits, grains and meats.


To be a vegetarian means to remove all meat sources from their daily diets. Iron can be gained through various leafy vegetables and soy products but it is quite common for vegetarians to have iron deficiencies. It is good practice for very strict vegetarians to visit your doctor regularly to have your iron levels checked.

Another large group that may be at risk of low iron levels are heavy dieters. Certain diets require that you cut food groups out of your diet. If you are not careful and stay on these diets for a long period of time then you may be at risk of iron deficiency.

A simple iron vitamin supplement can counter this effect and keep your iron levels up.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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